Hamza Talhouni

Founding Partner

Hamza is the Founding Partner at Olive Tree Capital. His experience spans across investment asset classes with unique and diverse expertise in film, hospitality, land and real-estate development, start-ups, mining, and agriculture. Prior to Olive Tree Capital, Hamza was actively engaged in the energy and mining sectors in several West African countries; Hamza is also a major shareholder and active investor in Cairo Amman Bank and Zara Investment Holdings which are among the most prominent banking and tourism companies respectively in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Hamza is passionate about film as well as yacht engineering and construction, and he is actively involved in both sectors.


Nichola Eliovits

Managing Partner

Nichola is a Managing Partner at Olive Tree Capital. His experience spans across investment asset classes with broad and extensive expertise in technology, real-estate, hospitality, forensic accounting, investment analysis, and natural resource oriented investments. Given his background as a technology entrepreneur and experience on both the buy and sell side, he has successfully advised several private companies on initial formation, restructuring, and/or financing. Prior to Olive Tree Capital, Nichola founded and served as CEO of Popover Games Inc. from October 2010 until the date of the company’s acquisition in late 2012. Nichola started his career in commodity markets as an Associate at CPM Group in New York after being inspired upon reading “Hot Commodities” by Jim Rogers and “Commodities Rising” by Jeffrey Christian.


Yamen Al-Hajjar

Managing Partner

Yamen is a Managing Partner at Olive Tree Capital and graduated with an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2015. Before Sloan, Yamen served as Google's first Public Policy & Government Affairs Manager for the Gulf States. Yamen is a management professional with a diverse career that spans the public, private, startup, film and non-profit sectors, Yamen worked at SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) where he managed operations for the Global Competitiveness Forum. He started his career in the Saudi Aramco Treasury in roles spanning Corporate and Pension Investments as well as Asset Management. In the film space, Yamen was Chief Saudi Technical Consultant on Peter Berg's 2007 action film "The Kingdom," starring Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman.


Damian Greco

Venture Advisor

Damian is a Venture Advisor at Olive Tree Capital. He has over twenty years of finance and startup experience with a focus on consumer products and software companies. His background includes structuring over $100 million in total venture capital related investments and working on over 15 M&A transactions on both the buy-side and sell-side. He started his career at Citigroup in leveraged finance covering consumer products and media companies; notable corporate finance and transactional work for Oakley, Luxottica, and Estee Lauder. Damian is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.


Olive Tree Capital, Ltd. is the foreign investment arm of the single member family office of Mr. Hamza Talhouni. With a diverse mandate from a single investor, we are able to seek worthwhile global investment opportunities without asset class restrictions; we seek public market opportunities with discrepancies between market perception and fundamental reality, and we enjoy privately investing in and collaborating with partners who share our passion, dedication, and clarity. More philosophically, we live by the Golden Rule; thus, we especially love entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses that are positively contributing to humanity in parallel with pursuing profitability.



Olive Tree Capital makes direct debt and equity investments in private companies including early-stage venture capital, growth capital, distressed/turnaround capitalizations, and secondary market pre-IPO stock.


Olive Tree Capital applies top-down macro-economic and bottom-up fundamental analysis to invest across asset classes in major markets globally, including equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies.



Olive Tree Capital invests its permanent capital in managers with proven track records and differentiated strategies across asset classes, including Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds.



Olive Tree Capital’s principals have a passion for the film industry. Our investments include disruptive companies in the media and entertainment space as well as direct debt or equity investments in major motion pictures.



Olive Tree Capital’s principals have a passion for the film industry. Our investments include disruptive companies in the media and entertainment space as well as direct debt or equity investments in major motion pictures.



We are active investors in the hospitality sector through our public holdings as well as through private investments in hotels, resorts, or food and beverage establishments in several emerging and major markets globally.



Having done extensive business across industries and in multiple geographies, we are keen on leveraging our local market knowledge to align ourselves with companies that resonate with the vision of our partners and bring these brands to new markets through domestic franchising, international licensing, or joint ventures.



Olive Tree Capital is actively seeking opportunities in the water, agriculture, power, and commodity/natural resources sectors. Our mandate is to invest in companies that will allow for the earth to sustainably support an improved quality life and provide for the daily needs of an estimated 10 Billion people by 2050.



From our trend-spotting investments in digital currencies to rare earth elements, Olive Tree Capital is always looking to spot a unique alternative investment opportunity.

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Like many other investment funds, we have yet to observe a worthwhile opportunity originate from a generic contact us form. Thus, if you have an opportunity to share, we ask you to reach out through a mutual connection.